Sunday, June 7, 2015

A to Z fact challenge!

So today, i will be doing the A to Z challenge! To do this challenge, you have to type a fact of yourself in alphabetical order.

 A= Acting
I enjoy acting! i have acted in a telemovie. i have also just acted live on suria!
 B= Brother
I just had a baby brother last month! He is so cute! I love him so much!
 C= Crafts
 Doing activities or crafts are my hobbies! I get most of my ideas from YouTube!
 D= Dork Diaries
 Dork Diaries is my most favourite book series! The new book, book 9, is out! I bought it yesterday and finished it in five hours! Best Book Ever!!
 E= Exemplary
 i am in the class called 4 Exemplary.
 F= Fuzzy
 I love fuzzy things!
 G= Golf
 Golf is my favourite sport. I need to improve in my swinging though!
 Home sweet home!!
 I= Ice cream
 My favourite ice cream is from Baskin Robins! My favourite flavour is Pralines and Cream!
 J= Jelly
 I lovee to eat jelly! i like to eat the grape flavour!
 K= Kendama
 I absolutely love playing with the kendama! My best cousin, Syamirul, got it for me for my birthday! thanks! My kendama is pink, the whole thing, and it has white cracks around it!
 L= Love
 I love everyone!
 M= Merrell Twins
 They are my favourite YouTubers! Both of them are so funny, kind and beautiful!
 N= Nyla!
 My name!
 O= One Direction
 My favourite band!!
 P= Pet
 I have a pet bird named Booo! He turned 3 years old this year. He was 10 months old when i got him!
 Q= Questions
 I always ask many questions!
 R= Roller- Coasters
 I love riding roller coasters! i enjoyed the mummy ride at Universals Studios Singapore!
 S= Slurpy
 I will usually get a coke slurpy at seven-elven!
 T= Trampoline Park
 I had my birthday party at Skyhigh Trampoline Park! Had a blast wit all my friends! Thank you so much for coming those who came!
 U= Ukelele
 Aunty Oni got a turquoise ukelele for me! i am now trying to learn how to play night changes one direction!
 V= Vivo City
  One of my most favourite shopping malls!
  W= Wild Wild Wet
 My most favourite water park!
  A short form i use for the meaning 'why' hahahahhaahah  
  A place i learn about different animals.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

Monday, May 18, 2015

i am a sister!!

     It has been two years ever since i blogged. so sorry.... Anyway, the exams are over! for now... Today i will be blogging about my new brother! he is turning two weeks old tomorrow! he is so cute! his routine is...
1. sleep
2.poop and pee
3.cry and cry
4.stare at whoever who is looking at him
I REALLY LOVE HIM! i will help my parents when he is crying,bathing or even playing! He is the best brother ever! I think he loves me a lot.heheheh. Before i leave for school, i will always give him a nice warm hug and five kisses! When i return, i will wash up and change. My mummy will only let me carry him after i am clean. i cannot wait for Oumar to grow older!
 Dear Oumar, thank you firstly for being my brother. I will always protect you! When you are older, it's your turn to protect me.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Universal Studios

Yesterday, I woke up feeling very excited. I dashed to the toilet to take a bath. Then we met my best cousin Syamirul and his family. We walked to Vivo city and took a monorail to Universal Studios. We took all the rides except the Battlestar. My mummy did not let me take because she loves me too much. My daddy took it and he had a headache. We took some pictures with optimus prime. I managed to shake hands with him. We took the Transformers ride and rode on Evac.We also went to the water ride at Jurassic park. We were soaked. The Mummy ride (not my mummy, its a ghost mummy) was scary. We also rode the dragon ride at the castle. I raised my hands all the way. We managed to catch the Water World show. They kept spraying water at us. The show was awesome. Syamirul said YOU SUCK to the bad guy and we all laughed. I had a very fun day yesterday.

Monday, June 4, 2012

my pet love bird

My favourite animal is a love bird.
I first saw a love bird in my mothers friends house.
I asked my parents to take me to the pet shop.
But both of the pet shops were closed because it was at night.
I felt sad but my parents tried hard to get my pet love bird.
I intend to name my love bird Bubbles.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My time at school

Hello! I am sorry I did not blog for a long time. I am enjoying myself in school. I want to tell you all about it. I like recess. I will buy garlic is 20c. I will buy noodles. it is 60c. I will buy pancake. It is 50c. I will buy Mee rebus. It is 60c. The gravy will make me chomot.  I also spend my money at the bookshop and my mother will scold me she say that the things i buy are all sampar. I will just say ok and the next day i buy again. for me it is not sampah. After eating, I will play catching with my friends. They are Norhizawati,Rayner,   Howthong,Faiz, Khidir. Faiz and Khidir are shorter than me so they cannot be my boyfriend. But I will still like them After the bell rings,we have to go in the canteen again than we wait for our form teacher to colect us. My form teacher is sweet Mdm Goh. she is very pretty and kind and very good. I help her carry things to the classroom and put on her table. ok it is late. I must sleep now. good night sleep tight dream of bed bugs tonight.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simple Plazhers (Pleasures)

1. The smell of prima daly. (Prima Deli)


3.Playing with my friends at the playground.

4.Playing snak and lader with bibik. (Snake, Ladder)

5.Making raibena jus ice pops with mommy. (Ribena Juice)

6.Seeing ginger the cat outside my house.

7. Eating tok mommy's choclate chip cookies. (Chocolate)

8. Poping bubble rep. (Popping, wrap)

9. Art.

10. Sleeping with dolphin.

11. Tikling my toe with my blanket while drinking milk. (Tickling)

12. Smell of brown eggy. (Telur with kicap manis la tu!)

13. Toysorras. (Toys R Us)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Story 1: Honest Bubbles

I like this story very much.
Bubbles is very cute.
In this story, he is honest too.